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MoonBee Shares ‘Run Run Run’. “MoonBee releases 1st single unearthly music video.”

Anna Jarmolowicz

Film director Isabella Rulffs visits the mind of MoonBee’s single ‘Run Run Run’. The music video describes MoonBee as a being searching for that ‘bigger something’. A place where “the little creature can feel comfortable”.

Through the narrative, we follow MoonBee in adversity and good fortune in the search for a place where she can feel at home whilst the words ‘Run Run Run’ force the little creature into an alien, deserted and abandoned landscape.

About the sing, the MoonBee stated: “The song was created in a dark period of my life where my mind had turned against me and where I needed to remind myself that if the course was to change then I had to turn to the good things in my life – though it took a whole lot of willpower that was hard to find at the given time. ‘Run Run Run’ subsequently became a form of life manifesto for me. The voice that speaks in the song repeatedly reminds me that I must remember to run head first into all that is beautiful – especially when desire has left the body.”

MoonBee is Gry Colding, and she dabbles in the skies of excitement and the gray. Her interpretations, shine like gold and masquerades as subversions in full flight. The incantations of unsightly manifestation, pot mark ‘Run Run Run’ in groovy understatements and dangles in diamond clarity amongst that scent of resurgence and then victory.

See MoonBee next @ Atlas in Aarhus, Denmark, October 10th.



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