Moonspeak ‘Frozen Fountain’ : Vibrance is within the underbelly of life and its virtuosity. Cathartic and beautiful.


Powerful. Earned in sweat and blood. With favorite visions of the dark and the morose, Moonspeak’s more emotively moving piece, ‘Frozen Fountain’, is a contrasting start to his album ‘Nowanights’.

Envisioning a future of its own making, ‘Frozen Fountain’ delivers in that urging and profound cast of colors.

Cathartic and beautiful, ‘Frozen Fountain’ can’t help but get you closer to the darkness of your own.

Said Robert Jallinder: “‘Frozen Fountain’ was the song that started off the whole Moonspeak project. I was in another band and this song didn’t fit into what we where doing at the time. It took 4 years to finish the lyrics to a level I found acceptable, or at least not cringeworthy. I viewed the theme of the song as almost a research question. I wanted to find out what happens when you emerge yourself in the feeling of hopelessness, with the hypothesis that there is some kind of salvation on the other side of it.”

Lyrics-driven cinematic indie rock is where Moonspeak, speaks. With folk and shoegaze influences dotting the atmosphere, Moonspeak’s vibrance is within the underbelly of life and its virtuosity.

After leaving the the band, Vita Bergen, in 2018, Robert has been working as a clinical psychologist.

Now he is back in a big way. The Moonspeak way.


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