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Moontalkr // Naomi Banks // Matilda Ella // DADDY NAT // Julian Daniel

Moontalkr – Puma

MOONTALKR is Jeffrey Wilson. And he offers up sun drenched, rich, and mahogany tones and hues with his productions. His full length offering ‘Blue Door’ was co-produced by Jeffrey and Rodrick Cliche ( D’angelo and The Vanguard, Raphael Saadiq) and Wolfgang Zimmerman (Susto, Band of Horses). ‘Puma’ is one of those eclectic love hymns, with ample hooks to gather up within your delicious space of imagination and maybe, some lovin’. Catchy and uplifting, the slow dance goodness of this single is something to carry around in your heart and in your rotation.

Naomi Banks – Hearts

Said NAOMI BANKS: “It was inspired by someone I was dating last year; we both knew it was never going to work; she thought I was too mental for her – but it was great anyway.” Telling of a failed romance, the colors kaleidoscope from flicker to flicker, pulsing in love and maybe the wrong love. Naomi’s vocals are the stars of her offerings. And when the beautifully toned extravaganzas grip you in the shimmering aspects, you’re swaying without fail to the crafted single that is ‘Hearts’. It’s a moment in time, of many to come. But a relationship with such promises – imagined or real – hurts our pride and our ambitions. But we move on. Now, with a positive message of ‘Hearts’ in hand.

Matilda Ella – Frequency

Twenty year old singer/songwriter from Rydaholm, Sweden takes it up a notch in her single ‘Frequency’. It follows her single ‘Bad For me’, which saw much accolade and support. ‘Frequency’ is a dance it up, ‘let’s move on’ and ‘live a little’ kind of vibe kind of song. When you meet, and a spark is made, there’s no going back. From then on, it’s full steam ahead, or nothing. Groovy lines and a 90’s dance feel, the shining single from Matilda, gains movement from dancing and smiling bodies, everywhere.


Pop, organic, civil, reluctant – those are feelings of our day to day love scene. What will make you happier? What will get you on that better journey with the one you want to be with? ‘Do U Feel’ is the product of Austin based DADDY NAT. With a decade of playing rock n’ roll for a decade, the new music journey of DADDY NAT is in firm grasp in success and uniqueness. The internal vibes of this single, is a demonstration of what it means to have an outside vision. Pulling from many inspirations, DN’s songs are vibes of the landscapes he’d envisioned for his soundscapes of the old and modern.

Julian Daniel – Lemon Tree

Nineteen year old Canadian pop singer, from Toronto, Ontario, JULIAN DANIEL, is a shining example of talent and pop goodness. His single ‘Lemon Tree’ is the first from his debut EP ‘E-Boy’. The sultry and breathy, slow dancing euphoria is a beautiful enclave of dreams born and the expectation of blooming as the years go by. “I want to create music that makes people feel free. When you come to one of my shows we are a family and we don’t judge each other, let loose and have fun”, said Julian. ““My music is truly for people who just want to let loose and not think about tomorrow or the bad day that they had, Just live in the moment and have fun”. Julian’s digital success is a fabulous indication of how he touches hearts of his fans. Look for more with his EP dropping, this year.


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