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moonweather Shares ‘Best Friends’. Get Uniquely Positioned In Life With Album ‘Overgrown’.

Built around members Billy Hodge, Colin Hoell, Bobby Burgess, and Michael Barlette, the band is uniquely positioned in their skills in telling of the seemingly pedestrian fairy tales of reality, in a way that is fantastical and somberly exquisite.

The hard working quartet did their best to make this album happen. In the course of 3 months, co-founder Colin, would fly from San Francisco to Cincinnati, Ohio in order to work with where his 3 other bandmates lived. Writing and recording was all that they could do, for time was certainly not unlimited. The full album ‘Overgrown’ is the conduit in which the band tries to get an answer about what life is really about, as they stroll down this gentle stream of memories, events, salutations and just lots of ‘issues’.

‘Best Friends’ is one outcrop from the band’s deep and introspective wrangling with life’s little but large problems. Uncontrollable, and always forwardly moving, they describe time and its flow – relationships, and friendships and everything in between. Where will it go? Where can it be discovered anew?

The guitar work and lyrical structure is at the heart of this single, as it kindly holds your elbows and guides you inside the saloon, where gangsters and thieves of time and place in the Universe are out to get you. The thoughtful work is purposeful and redeeming, as you gently sigh at the remarkable footprint we all individually keep and derive meaning.

Life has meant to be. Let’s dig in.



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