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Morgan Saint – Glasshouse

Morgan Saint’s Glasshouse is a delight. Not in a cute way (although very cute), but more importantly for us, it’s delightful because her vocals pierce into our hearts. It’s like a chefs paring knife: precise, accurate, clean, ready.

The NYC (originally from Long Island) artist is just a great ‘sound’. Just fucking good pop shit (yep, that’s 2 curse words in one floating sentence).

Relationships are hard. Heck, we know it, you know it, we all go through it.

It’s a list of demands, which we navigate through – some successfully – some not so.

It’s a give and take. It’s you the Secretary of State versus your counter part.

The negotiations aren’t won/lost 50-50. It seems like it’s always 70-30 or vice versa.

We have to know when to give a bit more.

Because we tell ourselves, we love him/her.

Because we do love them.

Because we can’t imagine the next day, without him/her.

It’s a predicament, no?

Yea. It sure is.

Morgan is a pocket rocket, waiting to explode in the pop arena.

And on October 13th, her LP “17 Hero” opened up the salvos to fab acclaim. The crew at Epic Records brought her to the fore, continuing the momentum from her fab with songs like “You” and “Just Friends”.

Kudos, Morgan. Kudos.



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