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Morning River Band – Drinking Blues Reprise (3,700 Brokenhearted Days)

‘Drinking Blues Reprise’ is short, curt, and to the point. In a way it is a lullaby for the one who was a lover, and confidant. Not in a malicious way, but just a method to self-healing. And part of that method is to drink a bit. As people who ascribe to that method of self-healing, we’re ones to approve, but in a very medicinal angle of thought. Anywho, when we’re in a relationship crumbling pinch, we see out truths in places of mirages. We shouldn’t do that too much, as MORNING RIVER BAND recommends in this song. For it’s all about you, not the other. The only one who’d hurt most, is you and your own. Your heart has been broken enough, let’s have a last drink to old ways, shall we? This fun song is brought to you by this Philadelphia based band consisting of Jeffery Fields, Arthur Herrmann, Denny Barron, and Joe Idell. Kudos.

talker – Intimidated

talker is Celeste Tauchar. And in her angst ridden, acoustic driven taunt at her feeling kind of single ‘Intimidated’, is a chat to herself – her inner self – to do what she can, with the expectations for the better future. An anthemic ballad of feelings, the culmination of angular dispositions come to fruition – in ultimate anger, hate, love, loss. A classic structure in alt pop-rock, talker delivers on the promise of sensuality in relationships and self-induced limitations. At the end of the day, it’s not someone else who is limiting your potential, it is from within. Let’s break out, talker insists. Let’s break out. The California native’s journey has just begun.

Sheldoncole – Freak

“Why would I live with a broken heart, if I can live for love and love more?” questioned SHELDONCOLE. Valid, certainly and incriminatingly guilty of the kind of poignant attitude the artist has within his work. ‘Freak’ keeps it nice and neat, with pop-folk elements, diametrically saluting his vocal playground shimmer. SHELDONCOLE is motivated by many things. And to pursue all the points of light that he deems important and relevant, he has traveled to Los Angeles from the Pacific Northwest, to do his damnedest. Sacrifice is what he does, for the good of his goals. And from that life decision, we have songs like ‘Freak’ – for us to enjoy, and relish.

Raised on TV – Smog City

Rock trio, RAISED ON TV, comes at us with ‘Smog City’. A single that is twisted and ethereal, in contrast to what you’d expected from the get go. Creating anomalies like ‘Smog City’ is hard. And as the gang in the band, works on their 2nd full length album ‘Season 2’, the song ‘Smog City’ delivers an uncanny kind of shivers, with notes that haunt while exulting in attitude and vaunted glamor. It’s an interesting combination, indeed. Where story telling about an aromatic subject, is quickly turned sideways, then back again, widens our eyes in awe and admiration. It’s a weird but fabulous feeling. The band is made up of Keaton Rogers, Kacey Greenwood, and Ryan Weiss; and they want to keep you engaged. They surely did us, for sure.

LegPuppy – She’s Lost Her Soul (Grade II)

LegPuppy’s latest ‘She’s Lost Her Soul (Grade II)’ is a dystopian story telling of a manga novel, turned upside down and churning inside a black hole of hope and death. When we say ‘death’ it is the death of our soul, or our potential souls of the future. The industrial grating, mixed with the reverb heavy vocals seeks out your remaining sanity and hack to death your remaining dignity for salvation. Power, punch, message – all combine to make it a musical extravaganza. However, deep within this single, it is at its basic, a love story. A love story for iconic music venues, bars, and pubs that are now gone in the UK. The crushing blow to such venues – a part of a musician’s life – is a hard one to swallow and accept. But LegPuppy knows it’s a cyclical demand, so he recommends we keep on dancing, creating, and making music. So, let’s go forth.


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