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MORNINGBIRD: New Single ‘You Freed Me’. “Beautiful Sentiments. Depicted Amazingly.”

MORNINGBIRD brings peace and serenity in the notes of their new single ‘You Freed Me’. The Boston, MA originating 5 piece band has successfully managed to bring our unconscious to the fore, and we’re glad that has come true.

The alt-rock band is an infectious offering of a beautiful reminiscence from the past that you’d forgotten, because of the chaos of life. Within ‘You Freed Me’, you get the perfect pitch of dreamy lyrics, airy vocals, delicious chorus, and 80’/90’s-like guitar strums. The end result simply is an automatic closing of your eyes, and relaxation for the ‘good times’ reflect within bitter clarity.

The band’s two founding members Max Challis and John Cattini, bonded and a friendship bloomed through their music. During college the rest of the band met and bonded as well. The ultimate end result that you see within MORNINGBIRD, as of current, didn’t manifest until much later down the line. Isak Kotecki, Connor Fraley, and Ian Ho, brought in their closest friends to complete the quintet in the Fall of 2016. Despite the geographic challenges of each member (Canada, UK, Singapore, various US cities), here they are, making music together and performing.

And aren’t we all glad that they are.

‘You Freed Me’ demonstrates the guitar driven aesthetics that is vital and much appreciated by the band. The frothy goodness is tempered in pop, by the sheer grittiness of presentation. Underneath the top-coat in a dream-like feel, there’s much earthiness and heft within the lyrics, especially. Then add the ambience framed by the synth, and the guitar solo, the Full spectrum of emotions are depicted delicately and quite beautifully within the single.

You just can’t help but travel into the clouds with this single.

At the end of the day, the amount of enjoyment we received from the single, really tells how much potential the band has for the future. The dedication of bringing together the kind of ethics and vibe seems to be a grand achievement.


Looking for more from this fabulous offering.



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