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Moron Police Share One More Angle Of Power-Pop In ‘The Phantom Below’.

MORON POLICE is peace. MORON POLICE is serenity. MORON POLICE’s single ‘The Phantom Below’ takes you on a progressive-metal-pop journey you’d asked in your deep sleep, that only your spouse of 5 years knows.

It’s the OST music to a whole new world of music on the other side of the planet that you’d never knew could exist and hit such palpable interest in your secret ‘Otaku’ heart.

‘The Phantom Below’ is just a refreshing and breezy offering from the Noway based band MORON POLICE. It is a better descriptive ancestor to the overtly solid pop-rock scene which the band belongs to and contributes heavily with ample wit and pizzazz.

Their latest project ‘A Boat on The Sea’ (Summer 2019) is almost there and being completed. And they aim to prove their continued progression and maturation for what they do, so well.

The band debuted in 2012 with ‘The Propaganda Machine’ proving live performances as their calling card, very quickly.

‘The Phantom Below’ is a song that is about technology and the soon to occur conflicts within a ‘sentient’ and thinking machine. But the message is directed towards us humans, where the band is adamant that we have to embrace the natural progression of our technologies and imminent consequences (bad or good). For it is only humans who misuse and corrupt, and not the technology itself.

Deep, eh?

But as you listen, the song is revitalizing and dare we say, positive in tone and excitement.





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