Mos Isley ‘Someone To Call My Own’ : Brings the grandness back to the fore.

Mos Isley

This song gets you in that mood of moods. A love’s tale of wanting and desiring – a bloom of dedication to the one who matters most. Your special someone.

Straight forward love song like this enchanting single from Mos Isley’s ‘Someone To Call My Own’ harkens to a decade from when bands like Keane shined with alt-vibes and beautiful hooks. And in this single, Mos Isley, brings the grandness back to the fore.

Grace is where it lies and will forever embrace.

The special Sweden-based pop band released their debut single ‘Mirrors’ in middle of 2015. The song hit #1 on the charts on National Radio, a show called P3 Osignat. ‘Mirrors’ was described as a mix between Coldplay and Irish folk music.

‘Someone To Call My Own’ means much to the listener. It hits all of the angst that each of us feel, when waking up in the morning. The mask of contentment, often times tamping down our worries in order to survive, makes us duller and negligent to our deep seeded woes.

Mos Isley’s song wants us to sing. To sing out loud, of what we all deserve.

A love that you surely can call ‘your own’.


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