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Moscow Youth Cult // The Black Fever // B.Knox // Mainland Break // Rosemary Fairweather

Moscow Youth Cult – Low Vision

Scintillating single ‘Low Vision’ is a post-apocalyptically vibrant vision of post-punk and electronic music colliding and sublimating into a mass of new and the bold. MOSCOW YOUTH CULT is Jon Dix and Dan O’Donnell-Smith, and the duo from London released their 3rd single ‘Low Vision’. The dynamic duo have been featured in Portlandia and in video game Saints Row IV.

The Black Fever – No Work

Off of their EP ‘Unarticulated Wants’, THE BLACK FEVER’s single ‘No Work’ brings to attention the destiny of ‘oversaturated’ culture of excess and advertisement consumption. Information is deluged daily into out psyches. ‘Oppression’ is how it’s being described by the band in this context, as there are some evidence of how our present state of supply and demand has born a new dichotomy. “There’s nothing wrong with selling things, but it can be oppressive. We need to find a better balance between ads and public art – for art’s sake.” THE BLACK FEVER is a conscious movement of notes. The lyrics spar with current anthems and notions, fighting the good fight towards a more pragmatic and sane existence. The band consists of: Shoe (vocals, guitar), Pat Bramm (bass, back-up vocals), and Dan Purpura (drums).

B.Knox – Deep Dark Love

B.KNOX switched to a career in music this year, 2019. A school teacher in a former life, he’s determined by his actions that he had something to say through his music. Sultry, deep, thoughtful – these words come to mind when listening to B.KNOX’s single ‘Deep Dark Love’. Constructed of overburdened instances of stress and challenges in life, the life, springs out from the somber and the melancholic meanings of his words. Love lost, forever in time and space, never to be caressed again. It’s that feeling that will eat you away, after the chance has left your sight. “A song of longing and sadness, but spaced by moments of apology and, dare I say, hope. The images are pulled from the two wells of inspiration that I often draw from – heartbreak and landscape.” His debut album ‘Heartbreak & Landscape’ the alt-country offering brings back the brooding and tempestuous song writing that is always welcome. B.KNOX just helps that decadent sub-genre to be with us when we’re down and seemingly, out. B.KNOX has just begun to flourish.

Mainland Break – Short Stay

Denver based 5 piece surf-rock band consisting of Evan Oliver, Kevin Kohl, Ian Gassman, Travis Rice, and Stefan Kowal represents all that is good about indie-rock in their single ‘Short Stay’. Reticent to please, looking at the positives, affection towards the empathetic, ‘Short Stay’ utilizes beautiful chord progressions to get your bum out the seat while helping you to put the pointer finger upon to your temple and mindfully brooding about life and how you fit in it. Whoa. Tubular, dude! Exactly: “Like the things that make you, hmmmm.” You know?? Right?? And as you turn and walk away from the crazy commentator you’re bum still moves and you smile a bit wider, as ‘Short Stay’ keeps it doggone realz in the fun department. Energetic summer tune, that will fit in any beachside volleyball/BBQ par-tay. But the understated seriousness of the song reconciles your place, and keep is humber. Perfect combination.

Rosemary Fairweather – Feel Better

ROSEMARY FAIRWEATHER has it figured out. The 25 year old dream/alt-pop artist’s single ‘Feel Better’ brings the airy and effervescent vocals wisp away the troubles away, and you feel good about that. Mix of 90’s grunge-pop and modern sensibilities, the shimmering aesthetics from Rosemary casts a wide net of smiles and enthusiasm. For 2019, her plan is to release new singles on the last Friday of each month (May 31, June 28, July 26), all leading up to her new album’s release in August. “‘Feel Better’ is about someone becoming so reliant on you that you start to feel like their mother. I hope Johnny Marr would like this song if he ever heard it.”


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