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Mosey Jones’ EP ‘Seldom’ Takes Us Back. Way Back. To Innocence In Memories We Hold Dear.

Song sometimes take people back to the memories they’ve had of the feelings they thought were indicative of that exact particular moment in time. Mosey Jones’ acoustic EP ‘Seldom’ successfully takes the leap back into quantum time, and from a bird’s eye view, wonders about what could and should have been.

But all was lost.

The didactic flapping of winds afar, 1000 feet above the ground, her wings were tiring. “Where were they?” she thought desperately, counting her ways, as the vast horizon of her past was quickly catching up to her. The high sun, lit the canyon wide ocean of sky, blue and brilliant, glimmering with speckles of happiness and delight. “What do you know. Forgot about that memory for a while. Was I that chubby at that age?”

The three piece band from Brooklyn brings the kind of bare and naked innocence to the music game. It’s enjoyment to the basic core.

Hope to hear more, and more.


The band consists of Eamon, Peter, and Caitlin.

Their next gig is @ The Gateway May 4th, with Great Wight, Thirsty Curses, and Pide Ayuda.

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