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Moss Kena // Char // Joe Dolman // Skinns & Evann Macintosh // Le Big Zero

Moss Kena – You And Me

“The song is a fun, flirtatious bop about a summer love,” said MOSS KENA of ‘You And Me’. “Enticing and seductive not ‘thinking about forever’ I’ve been a fan of both Miraa and Buddy for a minute, they both encapsulate the attitude of the song, Miraa is a boss and I was thrilled she could bring that energy to the track, she expresses strong self worth in her lyrics and I think that’s amazing. Buddy reflects the seductive adornment aspect of this song so well, the cocky bravado of a romantic encounter, both so perfectly resonating with the tone of the tune.” In this live version, Moss, takes it to another pop level, as his falsetto envelopes as it ‘heals’ our inner demons. Supporting the likes of Rita Ora, Jess Glynne and Bastille, Moss’ music has been championed across BBC Radio 1 (achieving an introducing playlist addition for single ‘Square One’), 1XTRA and Beats 1, with nods from Zane Lowe & Elton John.

Char – Operator

Talented pop purveyor CHAR comes up with an edgy tartness in ‘Operator’. Tongue-in-cheek-chic comes about with a profound prduction and bewitching layering in the surreal. ‘Operator’ is that collage of a slice of your life, authored by the 18 year old singer/songwriter/producer. And you’re happy with that choice. With a thrust that is dynamic, enveloping and gripping, ‘Operator’ is the first single off of the upcoming EP. Los Angeles livin’, vibe instigatin’ CHAR comes at you with twin machine guns of delicacy and pastel colored prime colors. Can be deathly good for your health. Choose wisely.

Joe Dolman – Happy For You

Soaring love and innocence comes crashing out of the vocals and lyrics of JOE DOLMAN. Leamington Spa UK originating singer/songwriter delivers a succulent blend of indie-folk vibin’ Americana-pop at you with ‘Happy For You’. The 22 year old is a beautifully laid out cast of shimmers, and honesty. ‘Happy For You’ drizzles in the hard times, to catch you before you hit the bottom of the well – filling your heart once more, with that emotional strength to move forward. Succinct and delightful, this single is welcomed to every ear, with exuding enthusiasm. See Joe and his gorgeous guitar art next at Limelight Sessions in Gloucester, October 9th. From strength to strength, the goodness and talent floats to the top with Joe.

Skinns & Evann Macintosh – How Does It Feel?

Cleveland native, SKINNS has been quickly making waves on the underground scene for good reason. SKINNS used to go by Sarah Skinner. Evann Macintosh is fresh to the music scene, amassing serious momentum very early with the release of his last 3 singles this year. SKINN’s silky tone dominates the cutting electronic drops and Evann soars on the upbeat verses. This song is definitely more than meets the eye. With enigmatic production value and mysterious collaborative dynamics, ‘How Does It Feel?’ is a gift for the pop intuition. From imaginations conforming into something vital, the soul soaking single, resonates without even trying. And that’s a good thing in anyone’s book. Let’s go searching with SKINNS. A new and bolder world may await us all, after all.

Le Big Zero – Don’t Know Any

‘Ollie Oxen Free’ is the phenomenally odd, debut EP from LE BIG ZERO, a band that firmly lives in present day anxieties while sonically pulling from your college radio station’s Most Played CDs rack. Frontman Michael Pasuit stated: “I auditioned for music school on classical piano. Got in. Didn’t go. Four relatively shitty, regretful years at a state college. Played in an art-rock band out of Hoboken. Learned the ropes from my bandmates. Veterans of the scene. Released an album. Soured on New Jersey and New York City. Moved to Seattle. Fell in love with the anonymity of not knowing anyone.” There it began. Behind that curtain of ‘anonymity’. “Challenged myself to make songs sound as complex and full as possible without accompaniment. Started another band with a bunch of music school graduates. Explored complicated, math-y songwriting. Toured the West coast extensively. Released two more albums. Super proud of both. Le Big Zero continued in the margins. Met a girl. Moved back East to Brooklyn. Had trouble finding myself. Joined another band, this time afro-inspired dance pop. Released another album. Got a little lost. Got a concussion. Got hella depressed. Came out the other side more focused. Dylan helped flesh out some ideas on drums. Carolina and I shared an office at a foreign policy think tank. Along the way, we realized we shared a brain. She joined Le Big Zero. Everything started falling into place. Garage-y tone, punk spirit. Atypical song structures. Pop melodies. Off-kilter timing. Harmony. Dissonance. Got to the studio. Recorded an album.” Michael Pasuit and Carolina Aguilar, helps continue this story.


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