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Most People // Zoos // Semi Automatix // Eskemo // Birch

Most People – Need A Little More

Formed in 2011, Toronto’s Most People infuse ‘80s and early ‘90s hifi pop to form modern indie-pop songs. To the point, their single ‘Need A Little More’ makes your day better. With the efforts into classic r&b/soul-vibe artists like Peabo Bryson, Luther Vandross, George Michael offered, the veteran team of artist in Most People glistens with fabu-losity from head to toe in this latest. Their recently completed album Call Me Up is in fact many things: a collection of soulful bedroom pop, ranging from slow-jam R&B ballads to new wave sing-alongs to sax-laden school-dance tracks. Brandon Gibson-DeGroote, Paul McEachern, and Mike Pereira makes this happen, over and over again. See them next @ Burdock, Toronto on October 25th.

Zoos – I Saw You Out There

Off of their 2 single EP ‘San Remona’ comes ‘I Saw You Out There’. The NYC based indie group has released songs that are subtly ambitious, naturally ambient, and rapturous in execution. Zoos bring 80s dance, latin grooves, surf rock guitars and a unique vocal style the scene. They’re here to make a mark, as they are working their butts off to be signed to a record label, in the efforts to get their voices heart out in the wilderness. They could taste it. They just need a chance. But with these kinds of chops, we think it won’t be long. The group is made up of Horacio Martinez, Mitch Meyer, and Frank Poma. Let’s help them by following. Because with songs like this, they deserve everything they receive.

Semi Automatix – Welcome to the Unknown

As legend has it Semi Automatix was born in the ashes of the new millennium. Semi Automatix is a punk band founded in New York in 2001. After tearing through the local scene for a number of years, Semi Automatix was cryogenically frozen in 2005, only to be brought back in case of dire emergency. With the world on the brink of self-destruction, the time for the return of Semi Automatix is upon us. Word. Let the fun begin then, shall we? Welcome to the Unknown is the title track off of their brand new EP.

Eskemo – Mêmes Filles

Indeed, Eskemo now marks its return, and this, with a brand new image. Colorful photos, pop, indie guitars & festive atmosphere are the new ingredients that make up the band’s new artistic universe. And it is via their new single ‘Mêmes Filles’ that they impose their new colors. French bandits of the heart, ESKEMO, offers sultry and lovely tones of the single. And this time with a curtailment of the seduction, placed neatly in a mahogany plated envelope, filled with sugar, spice, and love.

Birch – Dry Lungs

Birch saw the light of day in may this years. He felt like it was time to release something on his own after focusing on his band Travel with the sun for awhile. When twisting up folk traditions with singer/ songwriter spirit, melancholic lyrics and large soundscapes he feels more true to himself than ever before. You listen and Birch’s vocals is where you linger. Amazed by the fully in depth volume of spirit, emerges and breaks the surface of the water’s edge above. “A melancholic song wrapped in a large soundscape. About when a secret gets to heavy to bear and you just have to tell someone about it,” said Birch. And as he traverses this lonesome road, it dawned on him that it couldn’t be tolerated any more. Screaming at the top of his lung, the sound barrier, breaks with a crack of emotion and a whipping vision into a new and wonderful future. Freedom. Birch is someone you should look out for. We sure will. Birch will release of the debut album Kite’ soon.


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