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MOTHERMARY Shares Music Video For Single ‘TIME’. Step In Reverse To March Forward.

Taking time to eat his packed lunch on the beautiful cliffs of the Grand Canyon was the high-light of his day. His work afforded the time and place to enjoy such wonders, everyday, every mid-day. He enjoyed it so much. The sun above his slightly balding head was warmed in the early autumn weather, and it helped him digest better. He thought this was near heaven, even if it was for just an hour, in a day where the rest were just ‘scum’.

The rest of the day was deemed ‘scum’ by him.

It left him always ‘unsatisfied’, ‘bland’, and ‘unequal’. Was this ‘greed’ that was speaking in this head of his? He thought he deserved better, in more of the day’s hours.

He’ll take ‘one hour’, but he thought he was due more, intrinsically ‘heavenly’ hours.

“What am I talking about. What am I going on about? This is ridiculous”, he mentioned to himself again on this Thursday lunch hour.

“Why am I torturing myself about a something that is made-up…fictional?? I’m crazy.”

He took a deep breath, and thought to himself to love the opportunity with this current job, and make the best of it.

Greg didn’t come into work today. Nothing told of anything unusual. He disappeared from the face of the Earth – at least that’s what the police indicated.

Mothermary’s single is just like a walk through the thick woods of untouched northern wilderness. No paths to guide you. No signs of human intrusions. No signs of light, or civilization. You’re all alone. To think, to prat, to preen, to serve the ‘self’.

And from within, just like Greg, a self loathing and desperate fantasies become and form. Plucking the senses, from this terrestrial imbalance, we name as ‘life’.

“When we realized that the religion we had devoted our entire lives to was false it was devastating. The world we thought we knew was now unrecognizable to us and we were emotionally and physiologically lost. Inwardly it was a dark and scary time, it seemed our entire lives had been a lie and we didn’t know what we could trust. The regret, anger and sadness faded and we relished in the newly found freedom.”

“I want you to feel the fear, darkness and confusion we felt when we left everything we had known to search for new meaning and purpose in life, but also the intense beauty in that journey that has brought infinite possibilities and a true sense of self.” -Elyse of Mothermary.




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