Motorbike James ‘me Roll’ : Summons the joy of every listening cell.

Motorbike James

Motorbike James is the musical brainchild and artist alias of Michael Werbicki, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer from Edmonton, Canada. His debut single ‘me Roll’ brings deep synths, hip hop inspired beats, and a laid-back vocal we will all come to know and love.

Motorbike James’ natural prerogative is to live a life in the moment, for the moment. That emotion comes out in all sides of his life – chasing adrenaline highs, riding motorbikes, exploring the world, and most of all through music.

The project is a stream of consciousness. He writes through pure emotion and what he feels in the moment.

What comes out the other side is a unique offering of music that is hard to pin under any one genre. Elements of electronic, indie rock, psychedelic, and R&B poke through each song, summons the joy of every listening cell.


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