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MOUI Shares ‘Temple of Gold’ Music Video. “Life enriching.”

“We seek, we find, we follow until we lose track,” the band emancipated. “This is our forth song and music video ‘Temple of Gold’. Understand the song as some kind of meditative worship to our minds that always need to fill in the blanks in our everyday lives but it still feels empty after all, doesn’t it?”

MOUI is the work of Lilly Wong, Dominique Keufen, Lorenzo Bruno di Stefano. A trio of hard knocking, sinfully optimistic thought exercise (in gray), accompanied by vibrant casts of electronic soundscapes, and a dash of imminent realism that ponders upon your heart.

‘Temple Of Gold’ is exactly that part of the Universe, and it makes quick use of its understated energy and majestic wide-scope for the elegantly life enriching.



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