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Mount Ehinger // Savannah Pope // Caoilfhionn Rose // Mo Troper // TIMI TEMPLE

Mount Ehinger – Smith-Smythe-Smith

MOUNT EHINGER’s ‘Smith-Smythe-Smith’ wants to eat your heart. From “spine-tingling stories of love and loss, old homes become new, and alien invasions”, the new EP ‘Thy Neighbor’ is ME’s unremitting horror of love, loss, and premonitions of the future-past. You, and your beholden self, comes to the floor of the dying, and relegates your senses to the ultimate. With rhythms and harmonies that drive and nail you to the coffin of your thoughts, MOUNT EHINGER combines grunge and rock, reminiscent of the best traditions of Radiohead, Muse, and other select peers. Get to know MOUNT EHINGER. These are crafty lyrics, with tasty arrangements deserving of your ears.

Savannah Pope – Daddy Issues

Combining the best tradition of guitar philosophy of Randy Rhodes, SAVANNAH POPE brings the house down with Ann Wilson (Heart) like explosion of a voice in her single ‘Daddy Issues’. And she DOES bring the ‘house down’, and we stay for all of the show, for this dynamic artist is something else. Her voice rips you apart from within, as all of the cells within burst with happiness. The refreshing power from Savannah coaxes you to the edges of the ice cliffs, with the expectation of ‘death’. The musical chops of SP is undeniable. What a voice.

Caoilfhionn Rose – Unravelled

The mystery of CAOILFHIONN ROSE is what your soul longs for. ‘Unravelled’ is the 3rd single from her debut album ‘Awaken’ (available now), and it’s the markup of what Caoilfhionn has professed in her songs since the beginning. The emotional rollercoaster ride is dampened and managed to a perfect crescendo, with weeping tell-tales and possibilities of future light. The sultry ambiguity of CR’s songs make them what they are, and it’s very easy to repeat, song after song. You’re drawn into a 70’s style drama, where the beginnings of love cannot be diminished or calculated. So we ride the gently calming river ride with Caoilfhionn, where our thoughts are swept away.

Mo Troper – Never Dream Of Dying

When you love, nothing can touch you. It’s a shield of convenience, of desperation, and of truth. Can that be pierced with the world that comes crashing through the front door? Can it resist the unfairness of the world that we live in? Will she ever understand? In MO TROPER’s self assessed ‘James Bond theme’ like single ‘Never Dream Of Dying’, he enters the realm of unrequited love and loves lost. The speculative adornments of oddly placed strangers, coming together for a commitment, will empower or destroy. MO TROPER is an Portland, Oregon based artist and he’s both odd but enthralling in his artistic approach. And we dig it so.

TIMI TEMPLE – Pretty Boy

TIMI TEMPLE is about imagination. It’s about turning and celebrating the powers that we all possess. ‘Pretty Boy’ is as delicious as it feels, with fresh licks and fabulously demonstrable infatuations, TT brings a big highlighter for his acumen in the craft of song writing. Don’t be flummoxed. TIMI TEMPLE is a one man band that is a demolition of words and sounds, kind enough to keep you close, and dowses your senses to the utter outer limits. Said TT: “I let my imagination run wild and created a world where this unhappy but perfectly aesthetic human, scars their own face so that they can let their own art/music speak for them, and in turn, their metamorphosis occurs internally and emotionally and they’ve found transformative happiness, ignoring cosmetics all together.” The playful guitar derides the underpinned seriousness of his musical aspirations. One song at a time, he picks you apart, and you just dig it. His latest EP ‘Phuzz Boy’ is out now.


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