Mountain Bird ‘5 Years (Official Music Video)’ : As the inner foundations of a person and a soul, deconstructed.

Mountain Bird

Following the release of his cinematic EP ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’, Mountain Bird’s shares his music video for the single, ‘5 Years’

Adam Öhman’s project is a telling tale of one, to fit with another, in a 3 dimensional altercation – of the heart and of confusion. The nose bleeds of uncanny simulations; as the inner foundations of a person and a soul, is destroyed by the new knowledge of what had been. A wall of deception, has to be deconstructed. But where to start? Where to begin? And will you let the heart, of which was part of your life for so long, the freedom of becoming something else?

Written during time living in Berlin “recovering from the last sorrows” of his youth, Adam explains how ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’ was written during a time when he was “transitioning into adulthood and developing new self-love … “I felt it had something youthful and cinematically beautiful about it…to realize that you love someone but the timing isn’t right is such a youthful ideal.”

Currently in Stockholm and surrounded by a rock solid new team, Adam is feeling better than ever. With his fearlessness, honesty, and commitment to perfection, we all should look out for this fab artist.


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