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Mountain Boy Shares ‘Morning Heat’. “Get captured.”

“When I started writing Morning Heat it was the middle of winter,” stated Mountain Boy (Aaron Clarke). “In that landscape of frost and hibernation, there were many mornings where my wife and I would wake to find ourselves clinging to each other for warmth, with an inclination to stay. As fleeting as those moments were, something about them felt sacred and that was very much the starting place for the song.”

Wisps of the best tradition of modern songwriting, Mountain Boy is the project that keeps on evolving into a mass of contingent vision for what actual love, could be. A story within a story of self-reliance, and self-reciprocation for the good things that lie between here and the future, yet to be opened.

Beautifully sung and absolutely gorgeous in presentation, Mountain Boy’s vocals reminisce the grandeur of early Aquilo and SOHN, and at the same time, always highlighting the new experiences of what Aaron, the man, has incurred into his life’s emotional savings account.

‘Moving Heat’ is a warm and mahogany, fluidity in song, as the syrup of life and body, intertwine with grace. The ballad was written in the depths of New Zealand winter, where the thoughts of “unadulterated togetherness, sharing body-heat” came to pass in song.

“A massive thank you to everyone behind it,” added Aaron. ” @nicmandersmusic on production crafting beautiful sounds as always. @__rachelross__ @samantha.dutton @tim_flower + many more behind the stunning musical film which I highly recommend viewing. @augustavenuenz @kartelmusicgroup for all their work and love behind the scenes. And of course @nzonairmusic for funding the project and even more so for being amazing advocates of New Zealand Music.”

Get captured.



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