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MOURN Announce New Album ‘Sorpresa Familia’ Due June 15. Shares Single Vid ‘Barcelona City Tour’.

Like the depths of music Atlantis, there comes this quirky and fresh band named MORN. And they come this time bearing even more gifts for our ears with a third announced full length LP named ‘Sorpresa Familia’. And the excitement is multiplied with the first single release (and video) of ‘Barcelona City Tour’. The video was directed and edited by the band and the story takes place in their exploration of the Catalonian capital of Barcelona.

‘Sorpresa Familia’ drops June 15.

On this particular single, the delight, starts from the first verse and bar and the inevitable and fantastically missed rhythms and repeated strength of sensibilities indicative to early publication of CSS (Brazil). Let’s be clear first: MOURN (go listen to their early outputs) isn’t at all like CSS, but the fact that MOURN took us to that ‘happy place’ with this ‘Barcelona City Tour’, is an accomplishment we really appreciate (i.e. listen to the guitar work). ‘Barcelona City Tour’ just feeds you with heaps of happiness, airiness, fun filled holiday feeling, family trip smiling, stressless views on life’s burdening philosophies.

And we all sure need that kind of feeling, don’t we?

When listening to past publications of MOURN, they represent a mix of rock and alt and various mixes of genres in between. That’s where the group has such strength and presence – reinventing and innovating song to song. And that makes it even more ‘funner’- finding new golden morsels from the band that is so very talented – individually and in the band setting.

“We use songs as a way to express ourselves and to organize our ideas and thoughts. We use them to understand our own feelings and to grow emotionally.” in a band statement.

“It wasn’t easy to open up, but we did it anyway without fear. Every frustration, disappointment, delusion, anger… We got everything out, we liberated ourselves and now we’re ready for everything that comes up.”

MOURN started with Jazz Rodríguez Bueno and Carla Perez posting YouTube postings with original materials. Soon, Antonio Postius and Jazz’s sister Leia Rodríguez joined.

And in 2014, they’d signed to Captured Tracks in Brooklyn, breaking quickly into the North American market with their self titled debut LP. And after some legal wrangling with their former Spanish record label, in 2017, with the assistance of Captured Tracks, they released their EP ‘Over The Wall’ which featured cover tunes.

Fast forward to 2018, the time has been reset. Expectations are high, but we’re very sure the output produced by the quartet will meet and exceed the hype.


The band consists of: Carla Pérez Vas (singer and guitar), Jazz Rodríguez Bueno (singer and guitar), Antonio Postius (drummer), and Leia Rodríguez (bassist).

‘Sorpresa Familia’ drops June 15, 2018.

Buy [HERE] or [HERE]

They’re rep’ed by Captured Tracks.


1. Barcelona City Tour
2. Skeleton
3. Strange Ones
4. Fun At The Geysers
5. Candleman
6. Thank You For Coming Over
7. Doing It Right
8. Orange
9. Bye, Imbecile
10. Divorce
11. Epilogue
12. Sun


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