Mourning Routine ‘Strangest Wave’ : Amplify louder and louder into a sum of indie poignancy and relevance.

Mourning Routine

“I want to be transparent and honest in my writing, but it’s nerve-racking to put myself out there in my songs,” the Worcester, Massachusetts-based Lucas Kamal said. “In my lyrics, I try to talk about those feelings I can’t communicate in everyday existence.”

Mourning Routine’s debut EP, ‘Hello, From Earth’, captures this time of floating between adolescence and adulthood with heart-on-his-sleeve earnestness and ultra-catchy, post-punk tinged indie rock. Lucas is a little nervous about his future. He’s leaving behind his teenage years and entering college, facing all the anxiety, alienation, and struggles of that crucial post-high school time.

‘Strangest Wave’ predicts the bright horizon coming forth. And in that analogy, Mourning Routine’s heretic internal misgivings to the feelings of immovable burdens of self doubts, amplify louder and louder into a sum of indie poignancy and relevance. Mourning Routine displays that, with each angsty and anxious meanings of empathy and love.

Oozing ambience, hypnotic musicality and feelings of loneliness and sadness, purvey over Mourning Routine, so that you don’t have to in your life.

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Tomorrow. Art by @hello.bluedays

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