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Mousey Rouses Introspection With Shining Melancholy, ‘Take Me To Harley Street’.

New Zealand based artist MOUSEY (Sarena Close) makes big waves with this follow up single ‘Take Me To Harley Street’. Reminiscent of vibes from past greats like Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, and Patti Smith, the rousing introspection from this reflective single is a delightful cavalcade of emotions.

MOUSEY indicated that ‘piece by piece’ this song was constructed between a 5 year stretch. The intricacies and relevance was a dire importance for the artist, as the lyrics are spun into beautiful patterns of softly ingrained attitudes and perennial misgivings and regrets.

Stated MOUSEY: “I started writing this song in my last year of high school after a break up. And over time, it has become the song for all types of heartache in my life.”

Off of her upcoming full length debut album ‘Lemon Law’ the undeniably talented artist with stories to tell in her own way, gives us hope for the now and the future.

Join MOUSEY in Christchurch New Zealand as she will play @ darkroom on August 10th.

Once the album drops, look for her to have a fabulous tour and season.



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