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Mouth Breather // The Wild Rumble // Lauren Ruth Ward // Mating Ritual // Moonglow

Mouth Breather – Go2Bed

MOUTH BREATHER is the project of 23 year old Montreal based artist, Owen Hooper. And he’s a son-of-a-freak. In the nicest way, of course. You’d ask, why is he a ‘freak’? After all, we don’t know him personally at all! Well, of course, it’s only going through what he’s provided in his musical talents that we go by. And we are very simple at CHF. If we like a song and it’s dang good. We think first silently, how ‘freaking’ good it is. Then we think about it a while and shout out loud that it’s ‘freaking’ good. After that we get some apple pie and have it for lunch, with a cup of milk. Why? Because we can. And just like, we ALL can, we ALL should listen to Owen’s single ‘Go2Bed’. It makes writers write like ‘freaks’ and we martyr the talents of surviving and still alive future indie stars. MOUTH BREATHER said: “You know a cultural icon that I don’t see a lot of these days? Garfield. And I find that pretty strange. Who else more perfectly embodies the youth than a cat that spends most of his time watching tv, eating and sleeping? Garfield is my man. Put me to sleep you little orange freak!” Freak, indeed.

The Wild Rumble – Caught Living

Yannick Pfarr, Ruben Neuendorf, Benedict Vorbeck, and Nikolaus Schneider make up THE WILD RUMBLE. The cherry delicious sexiness of ‘Caught Living’ makes you just want to dance a little. Like dance in your leather get-up kind of dance. The Germany base quartet delivers in simple, no none sense grind of riffs and beats that can’t help but derive our uncanny rigors of the day to day into granules of little pebbles. It is that satisfying, grinding sound that makes it worth while. And THE WILD RUMBLE, keeps it honest and direct, as we are ready to make a rumble of our own. The gang knows rock. ‘Caught Living’ is a great addition to that Universe of sounds. After 2 years, the follow up single delivers.

Lauren Ruth Ward – Hungry Barber

‘Hungry Barber’ is sound made from the interesting, dashed with the off the beaten path. LAUREN RUTH WARD makes the interesting, even more interesting when she creates her songs. And when she uses like a book to enter elements to a song, by physically tapping and flipping, it’s worth the look. In this case a ‘listen’ is necessary as the very short, intro like single is not diminished from any standards, as it offers a full breadth of spectrum colors, with succinct pleasure. Said Lauren: “Ed (Eduardo Rivera) and I wanted to see what it would sound like to create in-house and not think “what genre are we?” or “what will the label think?”. Go figure. Word.

Mating Ritual – The Name of Love

Los Angeles baed MATING RITUAL is a rush of realism, within the folds of intuitions and knowledge. The emphatic progressions of synth driven ‘The Name Of Love’ comes as the warning towards that relationship that has stopped being where it never should have been. It’s passed the juncture of righteous and honesty. Said MATING RITUAL: “You don’t have to be happy 100% of the time, but when it seems like you’re not getting any days off, it might be time to move on.” We fall into wallows of ‘comfort’ when we’re in a long relationship. Even pain becomes a ‘comforting’ factor, and it’s hard to break free of that monotony. The hurt of peeling away from the falsities, may hurt even more than the truth of the situation. But we all must peel away the overgrown scar. We all must move on. Let’s not make love to that illusion, any longer. See them on May 12th, San Diego California at Blonde.

Moonglow – Big Deal

Jeff Citron is his project, MOONGLOW. It’s a poetic, word on word / vibe on vibe, exercise that is born of a very expressive artist who needs to say what is on his mind. The song is about “co-workers quitting on the spot, troubled lovers, customer service nightmares and the like”, said Jeff. And through his eyes, we see the small hurricanes that have traversed through his brain, residing on the heart of unforgettable resentments, loss, guilt, and emotional regrets. ‘Big Deal’ is that promise to not see those valleys of life, and see them as a temporary glitch. Hardship, of psychological affairs, kicks you when you’re down, even when you don’t recognize you’re being stomped on. Jeff wants us to deal and that things will be better. The bigger picture should be seen and embraced. Well, at least that the theory. Music video is coming. Just you wait.


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