Mouth of Ghosts ‘Island’ : A ravenously succulent ambition, curtailed in a personal dance.

Mouth of Ghosts

Folding up within itself, the malign angles of a foregone conclusion, invested in the time of its delight. A ravenously succulent ambition, curtailed in a personal dance where the gnawing hunger, flipped the switch with aggression.

It happened much. But it was manageable. This time, however, the wrangling inner discussions, over threw in a psychological coup-d’etat of a mischievous worlds, has become too powerful to bear.

‘Island’ sinks into the pits of a hole. A hole of emotional longing. Of a silence in impact, where one being delights, while the other awaits its doom on the floor of it all.

Silence is where Mouth of Ghosts linger. And there you’ll find the treasure of gems and sonic grandeur.

A poised explosion of tastes and tones, ‘Island’ gathers its vibes like a forest – wind swept, but never down and out.


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