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Mouth Water // Matthew Mayfield // Liily // Sons Of Luther // John Burnette

Mouth Water – Goodnight

Lawrence Fancelli of MOUTH WATER said of the birth of ‘Goodnight’: “I was living in my apartment on East 28th Street in Manhattan, very tired, but refused to go to sleep because I was having such a great time writing and recording the lyrics to this song. I later finished the track with help from the two Parisian producers Sylvain Rabbath and Aurélien Fradagrada.” DJ Elle Vegas and Lawrence are the ones behind this oddly attractive project. Elle and Lawrence met at a piano concert in a hotel in Milan at the end of 2017 and soon began an unusual collaboration leading to Mouth Water’s first self-titled album (October 25th) and featuring collaborations with Sabina Sciubba (Brazilian Girls), French producers Head On Television and Italian dance floor legend Gianni Bini. It’s a compelling offering, and looking forward to the debut album drop.

Matthew Mayfield – S.H.A.M.E.

According to MATTHEW MAYFIELD: “I grew up with songs in such a deep way that I wanted to be inside them. I wanted to know how this artist could articulate the things I was feeling better than I could myself. The lyrics, the sonics behind the music, everything. I just craved to know more. Growing up with music when I did meant that I looked to liner notes. I think of the podcast as liner notes for your ears.” When you go strong, and want to face the things that haunted you – you scream and do everything to make that encounter count. You shake with fear, you tremble with animosity, your foundations want to heave and crumble at the feet of the enemy. But you make it through. With will and exhaustion; fidelity to yourself and for the life you want to lead – you survive. Now you thrive. You can. ‘S.H.A.M.E.’ is a fabulous single with all of the ups and down and everything in between, delightfully depicted by Matthew’s songwriting and vocal expressions. Story telling with contextual max. Matthew is partnering with LOVE IS LOUDER, an organization founded by his friend, actress Brittany Snow, to foster a supportive community/space to ask for help and/or start a conversation about dealing with shame, being mistreated, being isolated, and being misunderstood.

Liily – Wash

‘Wash’ music video is the official mark to getting a glimpse into how the gang in Liily works. And boy do they work. Their triceps aren’t up to snuff, but their fingers on their instruments sure do exude that irreverent machismo that rock deserves. The stop-motion film created and co-directed by guitarist Sam De La Torre and director DL Guerra, ramps up the ridiculous and makes it somehow seem normall in its chaos and fervor. Collisions, car chase, supernatural creatures follow the band in a winner take all romp through Los Angeles. ‘Wash’ is the first new music from the band since their debut EP ‘I Can Fool Anybody in This Town’. Raw and energetic, just like the thunder and its friend, lightning, the indie dance-off vibes like LCD Soundsystem, dipped in a healthy gloss of buttery hard rock, and radical ollie-esque awe. It’s wild. And you know it. You feel it. Said the band: “‘Wash’ is our first attempt at expanding our sound and making something as closely representative of where we are now as possible.” Mission accomplished.

Sons Of Luther – Dance Away

As we’d stated about SONS OF LUTHER before, they are “that exact focus and maybe the event horizon to that netherworld where stresses fall off. Made up of Wren William Werner, John Bohn, Bradley Steven, and Jeff Schaller, the upstate New York (Attica near Buffalo) band throws tight riffs, rock n’ roll hips, and all of the cliches and makes them REAL”. Again demonstrating straight on goodness in rock with single ‘Dance Away’, you can imagine yourself thrashin’ and boppin’ as the song is played on the stage. The constance of the pace, enlightened by the perfect arrangement, galvanizes your senses like a super hero in the Marvel Universe. You feel like you were meant to be flying. You’re just watching SONS OF LUTHER play. And that is close, indeed.

John Burnette – Mercy Mercy

Mountain View, Arkansas native JOHN BURNETTE murders you with his A cappella performance of ‘Mercy Mercy’. No instruments. Just vibes and story telling. A classic and never dying art of singing intertwined in human emotions, the banal, the extraordinary. Not everyone’s cup of tea. But it doesn’t matter if it’s an outlet that is poignant and sometimes very necessary for the artist and the story’s protagonist. It’s a dedication in the craft. A hard craft to master, but when properly done (as is demonstrated by John) it’s an invitingly real moment of sanctity, wrapped up in the comfort of the singing artist. ‘Mercy Mercy’ is off of his latest album ‘Parlor One’. An 8 track particular with story after story in the traditions that haunt, John prevails redeeming-ly and professes with musical gallantry and depth.


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