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Moving In Slow Shares ‘Going To School’. “Takes us back to our past and present. Taking the good and the bad.”

Laurent Chavannes is the head, body, and heart of his project Moving In Slow. And through it, ‘Going to School’ comes to the fore, then in its utmost charming way, quietly walks on a straight and narrow, to gain your trust, chip by chip.

It’s a charmer, indeed.

Dealing with the “hardships of growing apart from your friends…” it also “talks about the good times that were shared in the past”.

A slow journal of poetic memories bleed out from the vocals of Laurent, the song delights in the wallowing of self doubts and confidences, in a pool of smiles and better things to come. A memorandum of thoughts and good feelings, the song regrets in interpretation, while moving forward with the inevitable slight of this thing we call ‘life’.

It’s a “relaxing song that brings feelings of nostalgia as it talks about past experiences with old friends and how the hardships of growing aren’t so bad as long as you have someone with you that can empathize with you,” stated Laurent.

And that we surely agree.

Laurent takes the good and the bad and just makes a delicious burger out of the whole thing. What’s been done, can be either looked at as negative, but we think Laurent takes life and smiles with its momentum.

Let’s take it all in.



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