MOWUKIS Shares ‘A Quick Stab In The Heart’. Then How Of The Information Surrounding That Theoretic Conundrum?

“The lights speed back me, as if I’m still. I am still. Still grieving. Still striving. Still stuck, in one place; but moving towards the unknown.”

“That’s right Gabby. That’s right. Your journey has just begun. And maybe has already have gotten to the end.”

“But why? Why has it come to the end? I didn’t know I was at the end!”

“The signs were all around you, and in front of you. You just didn’t want to see. You didn’t want to believe the facts.”

“I want to believe the facts, now!”

The incongruent solipsism, of this oddly shaped single ‘A Quick Stab In The Heart’ by MOWUKIS, is a deafening silence, for the inner masks we hide within, and from. The known Universe, can be of zero consequence. Can he unknown self, realize the ‘reality’ and ‘the self’ that seems to exist?

Then how of the information surrounding that theoretic conundrum? Can they also be, non-existent and un-knowable.

Reflecting the light of extremes comes naturally, it seems, for this single, utilizing glamorously, the synth effects – mightily and succinctly. It’s a trip, to the unavoidable massive black undertows, of life and maybe, the personal quandaries we dig for ourselves.



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