MOWUKIS ‘Where The Chase Led Us’ : A glimpse of words, folded like the paper plane of a mind and heart.


The solo project of Louis-Louise Kay, MOWUKIS, is a glimpse of words, folded like the paper plane of a mind and heart.

Floating with a purposeful step, each locked-in-step passages of meaning and wonder, open up, just enough for you to peek into the darkness that is plain in sight.

Said Louis-Louise: “It struck me at some point that it was what I kept writing about: chaos. Not the all-powerful one outside, not the immensity of it, not as a whole. Chaos from my window into the world, chaos from the only visions of it I get to experience and what I make of it, chaos as the only tangible material of life within which to choose what to believe, and what to reject. The tipping point in your inner monologue where no fact can tell you what to think anymore, and you have to decide for yourself. The bottom of the lake.

Fatigue will never be the norm, for intentions of what is, will ever warm to the parody of tangibility. Never so important, than now.

Wake up to a new world. Blue skies, and dark depths.

Ponder that heft. Put all your might. Invest in the dull pains, for future happiness.


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