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Moxi – Wolves

Los Angeles based duo Moxi offer a dreamy, cascading new single about frontwoman Anna Toy’s healing of lifelong anxiety and depression through the power of art and music. “I spent years in a fog of depression. The depression and anxiety made worse by insecurities that I drilled into myself, years were spent talking down to myself…Self harm was something I thought about too often and I eventually became someone I barely recognized. Fortunately, over the past few years I’ve started to realize that I am not alone in my struggle and I am grateful to say that I am SO much better now… While I’m continually mindful of the pain I used to live in, I finally understand my power and I genuinely love myself. My head is high, and I am fucking powerful.” Moxi is a project with deep prevalence for thought and desire for self expanse. And out of the lungs of Anna, that exemplary barb for the better, is cried and designed with love in proximity. A truth in real love. A truth for how we all go about caring and thinking and caressing the things that matter. Moxi’s angst is our win. Our win, collaborates in kind, to Moxi’s embrace. We’re one. Anna and Andy makes Moxi happen.

Isaiah Conner – The One

“About a year ago my girlfriend, Emily, moved over seas to Europe,” said Isaiah Conner of his single, ‘The One’. “When she moved I came to realize a lot of things. “Don’t know why it took a sea to make me see: this is what I need, you’re the one for me.” This song was the outcome of this realization that even though she was on the other side of the sea, I never want to lose her. The song details the different emotions I faced before arriving here, but through it all, “all the distance here has really even shown: this is what I need, you’re the one for me.” Realizing through trial and error, indelibly embeds that first impression, which never can be shaken. As in the example of Isaiah, it was apparent from his expereince, the feelings of under appreciating what was just in front of him, came to become an anthem to judgements and actions that has helped him get this far. A partner, a friend, family, supporters – all are there for a reason. And when Isaiah came to that conclusion, the world became easier to unify – in his heart and mind. Funny how things go like that, no? Look for more from the Atlanta originating artist.

Lassai – CYB

Off of his EP ‘Discreet’, his single ‘CYB’ is that classic r&b/soul pop you needed for the day’s embarkment. With tinges of synth sparkles, ‘CYB’ lusts over your personal guidance for the future horizon. The Chicago based artist produces with gumption and ‘no regret’ vibes in his pop productions. Reminiscent of past super stars of the genre, ‘CYB’ doesn’t have to say any more than it’s willing to. Its simplicity is demonstrated with divergent narratives, and deliciously sung by Lassai. Classic vibes tantalize, with no doubt. Unmitigated surge for love’s unbound bounty, is glorious.

Emily James – Lighten up

Twenty year-old singer/songwriter Emily James just dropped her EP, ‘Dreaming’. Stated Emily: “I love going into the studio to record my music, but there is such a freedom and intimacy in recording in the space where you spend so much of your time – there’s no clock ticking and there are no boundaries.” At 18, James released her debut album Til the Morning produced by Ryan Hadlock (Lumineers, Vance Joy). The current Los Angeles resident, delivers with multiple genre acumen, incorporating flavors of pop, rock, blues, Americana and folk where they have been inspired by such timeless musical influences like Adele, Bob Dylan, and Fleetwood Mac. The floating whimsy of ‘Lighten Up’ floors your high blood pressure of life, and puts some of it for a different perspective. A reminder of sorts, Emily’s vocals gains your trust and then some.

WILSN – Brand New Day

No. WILSN’s single ‘Brand New Day’ isn’t you typical saccharine parse into that gritty blues-rock harness. With attitude to express the 2 ton gravity of her vocal expressions, ‘Brand New Day’ is an anthemic gripe and resolution for the future ahead. You, us, all of our gainful stresses and examinations through life – we breath with newer energy and newer skin for dealing with it all. WILSN is on the cusp of bigger things. She’s already developed a grassroots following, gaining 1.6 million streams at Spotify for her independently released debut EP ‘Don’t Give It Up’. Said WILSN: “This was an opportunity to create a song that is a nod to some of my more traditional soul influences from the late 60’s. I spent a lot of my childhood performing with big bands and orchestras and soul music was one of my first loves.” WILSN wrote ‘Brand New Day’ in bed during a writing trip to New York City, tapping away at the miniature keys on a piano app on her phone. Brimming with star vibe and vocal dominance, we all should look out for the accolades to come from this feisty and angelic Australian artist. See her next @ Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Sydney on December 7th.


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