MOY ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ : A dance of dances. A memory, in memory. Accented in joy and acceptance.


Glasgow-based New Zealander, MOY, wrote and recorded ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ at the height of lockdown. Like ‘Start Me Up’, MOY’s lyrics in ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ are intriguingly offbeat.

Separated from his regular band, he discovered that collaborating on the track remotely was an unorthodox creative method given the live energy that’s usually key to their work together.

“We started sketching frames from videos and layering them on top of each other” explained MOY. “Once we managed to animate a short 2 second clip which we instantly fell in love with it was a no brainer to have a fully animated video drawn by ourselves. It took about a month to get all of it animated, it was literally all we did, it became an addiction. Wake up and draw until we couldn’t anymore – then pass it over to one of the other band mates to continue!”

From here to there, and from love to passion – a grinning obsolescence in tribal attitudes, merge into a soup of ultimate salutary aplomb. A satisfaction of sorts, the outreaching abroad of empathy and possibilities, surge in the poppy reticence.

A dance of dances. A memory, in memory. Accented in joy and acceptance.

Even if it’s through a worldwide crisis.


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