Moyka ‘Violet’ : Negativities and disappointments, garner a celebration of emotional triumphs.

Moyka / Photo: Isak Okkenhaug

Moyka is a fascinatingly private but oh so confessional bundle of rhythms and vibes. Her music stirs as the combination of vocals and digital production, casts this viscerally poignant and danceable effervescence. ‘Violet’ is off of her upcoming EP ‘Spaces’.

“It’s just emotion,” Moyka said. “And it’s okay to still have good feelings about someone – good energy and emotion.”

Monika Engeseth is Moyka, and within this project, she projects girth of substance that is pound-for-pound dramatic and beautiful to listen. We’d said of her prior: “her songs plumbed the depths of the young adult mind without sentimentality.” And that “she explores what it’s like to be at a difficult age with an underlying sense of steely self-confidence.”

The artist originating from Hallingdal, Norway, sings like a Nightingale and pulls you away from the everyday. And empowerment in collecting the negativities of relationships and disappointments, garner a celebration of emotional triumphs. We think that’s where Moyka’s genesis, blooms.

Moyka: “I wanted to create a mystical universe…where people could feel at home.”

Look for the new EP in June.

Moyka is an extraordinary talent. Look for more.


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