MOYOGI ‘Coco’ : Most progressive and expansive.


‘Coco’ is MOYOGI’s latest and arguably the most progressive and expansive. With the viable aura of the shoegaze guitar vibes, translating bits and peaces of heartfelt emotions, the poetic lyrics from the duo, cast off in a scenic route of condolences. ‘Coco’ is the premium vision. A solipsistic incongruity of peaks and valleys.

A quintessential benevolence in the third eye and the futures to be buried in a vast road to somewhere. We’d thought that their last single ‘Hopeland’ was the height of their recent offerings, but ‘Coco’ with its subtle ambience, takes MOYOGI’s style of sultry descriptions of hinderances and viabilities, to new depths. This year’s offerings were of a concept that MOYOGI had tried to preserve. “All our 12 songs from 2019 are in relation with each other in lyrics and music, this song is the frame and finally the result of our tour to the sound managing…”

In fact, 2019 has been a banner year for the new outfit. It’s experimental vibes were combined successfully with Pavel Trencsík’s vibrantly gray word, to result in a kind of running river of thoughts and premises. Something that is like the running of time and space; always forward and you must make the effort to catch it at the right moment. There will be more, as we’ll see what next steps it will take for 2020.

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