Mr. Husband ‘Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Hoping’ : sends you on to another thought of pleasure.

Mr. Husband

Off of upcoming album ‘Songs Of Friendship, Songs Of Wonderment’, the single here with the long title, gets artist Kenny Tompkins and the band, off. In a good and salient way. Really.

From the classic rock / psyche fervent of musical prowess comes through with flair and glitter, as the lyrical fabulousness of Kenny’s construction hits you right where it feelz good.

“Everytime we set up the mics and got a good sound we would take a break and come back to find the machine was in a totally different state then how we left it. It got so difficult to get a good recording before the machine would spaz out that we almost gave up on it but in the end it was really fun. You would play your best and not really know if it would be there on the tape in the end which had a good feeling to it for some reason. You had to have faith. ”

With hyper hooky build and shoe-gazy sentiments, this single really brings the past and the future together in a beautiful delight.

It’s sweet, it’s charming, and it sends you on to another thought of pleasure.

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