Mr Kapow ‘Ghost Floor’ : This wonky, detailed and bizarre world comes to fruition.

Mr Kapow

This track is was a study to expand my Bass and Sound Design skills. Influenced by glitch electronic Production, classical compositional writing and jazz harmonies and melodies, this wonky, detailed and bizarre world started with just an improvisation on the piano which ended up being the intro (then the bass).

Said Mr Kapow: “The song took a week or two and there are 39 separate Bass tracks to make the bass feel like its own evolving character. I’m particularly interested in classical chord progressions and incorporating that structure of writing into Electronic Dance music. So people can get enjoyment from dancing to this track or attentively listening to it..”

Passionate explorative composer/music producer incorporating the highlights from generations of musical history and culture from around the world through organic emotional flourishes translated into humanized electro-acoustic phat and bassy groove.


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