Much Better, Thank You ‘Secret Service’ : Turning story telling into the most wild and exquisite.

Much Better, Thank You

Cogent analysis. Pillaging eyes and heart of an assassin. Much Better, Thank You’s single ‘Secret Service’ is the sand between your sense of normality. Helter-skelter with all of the weaning of a smile that isn’t quite comforting.

“The fear of too much surveillance is omnipresent, while at the same time we carelessly use social media. What do we reveal about ourselves, how do we want to be perceived and who really cares? Does surveillance protect us? Does it harm us? By accident the production of this clip happened to be during Covid-19-crisis but it couldn’t have been more fitting. In the crisis all band members have only been able to communicate online. Who reads and records everything? Do you like it? Do you follow us? Are you still able to follow?”

Characteristic features of a Much Better, Thank You song are varieties in metrical structure as well as in mood. Powered by Heidi Engel’s jaunting but oh so decadent vocals, the damned never have it safe, when they’re on the hunt. With PJ Harvey and Patti Smith’s vibes fully entrenched the band.

Jens Engel, Michael Posch, Michael PL Pleitner and Franko Frankenberg, complete this project with Heidi, turning story telling into the most wild and exquisite.


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