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Mud Fox Tribe Share ‘Red Mill Road (What Could Be)’.

Serendipity. You don’t know what the Universe of causes and coincidences, can drive you mad. Well, if you think about it too much. What we delve into for the property of life’s footprint, is laborious, and sometimes just a frivolous exercise.

Do you need to care this much?

“I care about you. Very much, darling.”

You’re not an ‘accident’ and not a ‘coincidence’. You were meant for me, and we will build that life in San Francisco we’d dreamt about. Even if there’s contradiction in the statement, you are my own Galactic way of thanking this worldly dimension.

Look at us. Together. Hand in hand. Forging a future.

If it was just an accident in meeting, then be it.. it was.

Hold on for dear life. For life begins with you.

MUD FOX TRIBE consists of Cole Tyler Hottenrott and Dave Gambon.



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