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Muddy Wolfe Shares ‘Hide Away’. “Rise…To That Summit Of Our Longings.”

After our separation, I needed some time away. And the only way I could regain some sanity was going to the place I knew best: Steven’s Hollow. It was my childhood place for contemplation and a way to take a deep breath from the world around me. And when my relationship was disintegrating, Steven’s Hollow was needed more than ever.

It was about 3pm when I arrived, and the first thing that greeted me was that of the sweet smell of the trees, holding up the gorgeous blue skies of the plains.

I squatted down to the babbling brook, and put my fingers into the chilled crystal clear water. The shimmering reflections from the water folds, as they danced around and above the rocks, danced in my mind and relaxed me like I was ‘home’.

‘Home’ is where the heart is, they say. And in that gentle evening, I needed that solace and compassion, any way I could get them.

MUDDY WOLFE’s single ‘Hide Away’ is that little brook in that ‘Steven’s Hollow’ of our pasts. It goes forward, with empathy on its mind, and with the notes of the blues – it rises, to that summit of our longings.

The ‘righteous imperfections’ of the song is what it should be. With adamant vocals, with crackling efforts, the gang in MUDDY WOLFE pleads for you to join them in this little quest. The injection of folk and gospel in this single ‘Hide Away’, pulls it all together and entertains our little infatuations we put away, for that rainy day.

Their debut EP drops sometime in mid 2018.

The band consists of: Steve Smith, Caitlin Magee, Dean James, Kim Yang, Jonah Myers, Gavin Veitch.



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