Mulcahy ‘Frame by Frame’ : Harmonious duet with Luna Juniper.


“We had an old Dell computer that had a small microphone and memo recording function when I was young” he recalls how he “enjoyed recording and attempting to play guitar on it and always had a passion for singing.”

Zach Mulcahy is the project Mulcahy. The single contains folk-like undertones and captivating melodies throughout carried by a stunning duet between Mulcahy and the harmonious vocals of Luna Juniper. Mulcahy recorded the single in his home studio with the help of Barry Arnold and later enlisted the expertise of Willie Headon to master the track.

When it comes to influences, Mulcahy favors the likes of Justin Vernon with whom he relates to both lyrically and musically. In addition, Aaron Dessner’s work outside of the band The National, has played a heavy part in shaping the style of the up and coming artist. In ‘Frame by Frame’ he pays homage to the fingerstyle that Irish folk artist Fionn Regan uses, which all accumulates into creating one of the most undeniably authentic releases of the year.


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