Mungbean ‘cool’ : The weight of longing delivers with a wink and a cheeky goodness.


Mungbean is a glossy, electronic synth-pop duo from Columbus, Ohio.

Emma Swysgood and Sean Gleeson’s embryonic product balances a manicured synth-driven sound, while effortlessly integrating trap-like beats. The duo caters to a soft-lit, crowded bar in the city, or a fog-smothered dance club in NYC.

Since 2016, Mungbean has been recording music, playing shows, and building a following from our home base in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve offered support for nationally and internationally based touring acts such as Kimbra, Highasakite, Royal Canoe, Crumb, Ne-Hi, and Spaceface.

“We have remained self recorded, produced and managed since our inception, successfully releasing four short EPs and booking numerous tours, festivals, and showcases of a wide variety. Our debut full length album Still Life is finally finished and we are making preparations to release it in Fall 2020.”

Silky, smooth, sultry, suggestive – the weight of longing delivers with a wink and a cheeky goodness. ‘Cool’ is just another fabulousness from a band that glitters.

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