Mungbean ‘What You Find’ : The radiant shades of life and love, balance in a beautiful dance.

Mungbean / Photo: Nathan Ward

Columbus, Ohio project Mungbean brings another infatuation named ‘What You Find’.

The single is a powerfully built song of vocal intangibles and lyrical expressions, deliciously represented in a wild but tamed burst for passions yet unrequited.

A lovely wisp of charms and indie rock goodness, the radiant shades of life and love, balance in a beautiful dance.

‘I Love You Say it Back’ is their debut album and is officially available for pre-order now.

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I Love You Say it Back (!!!) our debut album is officially available for pre-order. somebody *pinch us* cuz it feels like we’re dreaming… it’s taken years to put this together, to make the dream a reality. we’re so excited to finally share it with you. . . thank you, thank you THANK YOU to @itsdremcleod for creating this cover for us, it’s a truly beautiful piece that will hang in our home forever, reminding us of that crazy time we tried to make it in music. . . head to our website (link in bio) RIGHT NOW to place your pre-order — it is the SINGLE BEST way to support us as a band especially during these uncertain times. not lying when i say i will personally be handling all the orders, writing thank you notes, organizing deliveries and wrapping these babies up to be shipped off. it’s a lot of work for these lil busy beans but we have to do it because, after all, We Love You (Say it Back)

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