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Mungo Parker Shares ‘What You Are to Me’. “Exactly how he’d want it to be.”

MUNGO PARKER is a folk musician through and through in the most traditional sense. Effective use of language to evoke exactly the emotions that belie the sanctified confusions and acts that make us go ‘mad’ – that’s what ‘What You Are To Me’ signals.

The first single from his upcoming album ‘Life Rolls On By’ (due December), Mungo stated that is is: “Probably the most “full” sounding song on the album in terms of how electric the feel is. The song is basically a narrative of needing to know what you are to someone else – emotionally needing to know whether that person will properly commit to you or not.”

As we said. A maddening predicament in any relationship.

But Mungo is here for you.

With drizzling showers of words forming pictures, the downtrodden vibes of a love that ‘could’, is torn apart and revitalized in this single. The vexing curls of innuendos and uncertainties, give others a rise in confidence, as Mungo’s expressions, correctly and (more defyingly) beautifully corral such sentiments into submission.

After all. We’re all alike, when it comes to love.

We just want to know.

The London native bases his songs on losses, loves, and wanderings of his life. The dips and peaks come into much play.

Exactly how he’d want it to be.



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