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Munky Shares ‘Megaton’. “Whatever happens…it is a hell of a ride.”

Raw and naked. ‘Megaton’ is that truth of how it feels to be devastated. ‘Megaton’ is about that worth of self. ‘Megaton’ is that irreversible sit-down time on your darkened porch, as you weep uncontrollably, and often.

A switch turns on, and you have become a wretch. A sobbing blob of human carcass, for whom nothing matters any longer and matters don’t care you exist.

Whatever happened to the sweet ol’ boy who lived for life’s sake?

Whatever happened to the sweet ol’ man who laughed at corny jokes with a diaphragm gust?

Whatever happened to the sweet ol’ girl who saw tragedies as opportunities?

Whatever happened to the sweet ol’ woman who let nothing get in her way?

Crumbling in the husks of life, emotions take you from here to there; nonchalantly pestering and reluctantly supporting. The world is your oyster, never meant that everyone can taste that oyster.

Through the darkness of ‘Megaton’, MUNKY manages deliver with cunning freshness and effervescent rock, that is both anthem and anti-anthem to the surrounding of our made world. The Irish band forms a bond with you, instantly and gratifyingly, when they pour their creation all over your soul.

Guilt, shame, murder, ecological disaster…

Whatever happens, ‘Megaton’ is a hell of a ride.

The band consists of: Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La La, and Po.

See them next @ LoSt LaNe, Dublin on October 13th.



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