MURU – Killing Time

Killing Time by MURU is a descriptive burn from a one-on-one conversation, that could have been in the past, now, or in the future – A conversation that is definitive in its argument, a conversation that is an after-thought in a possible relationship’s path of destruction.

In the annuls of US History, there was an event named “Sherman’s March” – a named event that described a war’s tactical component which General William Tecumseh Sherman of the United States military used to help the last remnants of southern resistance crumble. The march left a path of destruction to commercial infrastructures and devastation.

And aren’t some relationships just like this? A “Sherman’s March” on the soul, which at the time feels like a death blow to every fiber of being? It just seems that there’s no return to normalcy after a destroyed relationship.

However, we know better. Time and time again, there’s a return of self and confidence. We humans are built that way and it’s a temporary pain.

We grow, we learn, we rebuild, we can move on… even stronger.

MURU (‘crumb’ in Finnish), helps put one piece back into that puzzle box.


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