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Music By Shee – In Over My Head

Alt-pop artist MUSIC BY SHEE is just like your finger prints. Distinct, unique, never alike to another, and as dependable as can be. Her music that is. MBS stated: “‘In over My Head’ talks about moments of doubt in the process of working towards your dreams. Late night contemplation on life and the reality of reaching your goals. It has a dreamy vibe, almost like an out of body view on ones current position in life’s journey.” And as MBS successfully intertwined her magic lines, her beautifully engrossing vocals, large and in-charge, drive the issues pending, forward and without regret. Emotionally impregnable by the end of the song, it is a testament to what we can do, when highly focused on you actual ambitions. The fires burn deep and in high intensity with MUSIC BY SHEE, no doubt.

Thelma Ball – I Could Be Happy

The band THELMA BALL was named after their grandma. And just like that decision, the band keeps a rabid and existentially driving rock n’ roll attitude. Mind you, it’s the attitude that is reminiscent of bands like Blur, The Verve, Franz Ferdinand, that also keeps THELMA BALL at the crux of what is important for us listeners. The strength of the chords, with punk-like vocals, keep the whole of the song in a realm of its own, without a glint of drama or pretense. Consisting of Michael Evling-White, Liam Lovegrove, Jamie Howard, and Rob Delmonte, the band exerts innocence with mature axioms, deeply rooted in the underground and sensibility in fabulous musical construction. ‘I Could Be Happy’ follows their debut EP ‘Self Help’ from 2015. In 2019, expect new things starting with a celebration for the release of this single on March 2019, after multiple Uk tour dates.

Dante Matas – A Head Full of Phantoms

Whether in a snow storm or the tropical storm of the century, you can depend on DANTE MATAS’ single ‘A Head Full Of Phantoms’. The colorful indie-rock pop single is a keys driven offering that is fabulously delightful, playful, and harkens to a light and airy decade of a certain past. Following the 2018 album ‘A Colourful Headache’, the stand alone single keeps us on our toes with a beautiful chorus, with a lyrical mastery that Dante has shown throughout his songwriting career. Introspective, but not overburdening, his account of serial challenges are shifted from acrimonious challenges, to that warm and tender zone that is prevalent in his songs. The Toronto based artist endears his audience with quality of thought and emotional expressions. A ‘warm and tender zone’ of music, indeed.

Darmark – Misty Oboe

Totally contemporary. Totally occupied. And with the power chords, steaming down that rail of life through the single ‘Misty Oboe’, we’re offered a sneak peak into a realm of possibilities and influences. DARMARK is the alt-rock trio from Sweden, which chews our deeply seeded inhibitions, and spits them out in a deliciously hard-rock guitar chant of absolution and disgust for the ordinary. Decadent guitars drive the psychedelia hinted single, as the chants for the mysterious kicks and sprints towards that musical line. Influenced heavily by their surroundings on the Island of Öland, the trio looks at the mind’s eye towards that glimmer in the sky, and let the thoughts run wild through their musical instruments. What a ride.

Stylo – Ramona

Dynamic and cylindrical, STYLO’s bedroom-pop aesthetics bely the seriousness of his music. Indie, pop, electronic, all delicious – he calls on the spirits of the world, to filter through and recompense for all of the hurt and wrongs implicated. The heart calls and cries. The heart rips, and dies. And there’s only one key to that hurt going away. ‘Ramona’ is that look back at the remorse for the things that just didn’t work out. ‘Forgiveness’ is the key to a ‘re-do’ of the relationship. But deep inside, that chance will never reveal itself again. It’s a chapter that will be ripped apart, from the annuls of this history – your history. Off of his recent project ‘Ghostownvideocassette’, ‘Ramona’ is a sleeper of a single, drenched with angst, and never short of the ‘what if’. STYLO lives and works on his music somewhere in Scotland. Look for more from this very expressive project.


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