At this time, we’d ask you submit only singles for review. Of course we can’t guarantee we can feature your single, but we’ll surely listen to it.

Please do not add this email to your general mass email list. Just gets too crowded.

submit2comeherefloyd3 (at) gmail (dot) com

We are very liberal in filtering through and selecting a band from our submissions.  Generally, if the artist has some awesome song, that just does it for us. Obviously the filtering process through our brain cavity is merely subjective (i.e. we have our own tastes, etc), but which publication isn’t, right?

  • Please use Email to submit your music, using only links to your information.
  • Please correctly indicate your song link page. We prefer: Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube or Bandcamp.
  • If you have an EPK, that would be useful as well.