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Mutant Gredelin Shares ‘Glad (Att det är över)’.

MUTANT GREDELIN’s new single ‘Glad (Att det är över)’ is one of their offspring, and it’s sneaky good. The crisp accentuations in the delivery, topped with the solo grunge chord extravaganza, is fabulous and so much fun.

You get to love the song from the get so, starting with the drums. It’s inviting, it’s accessible, it’s warm – just the right way to start the ‘Friday Night’ partying with your friends, no?

Not too much information on the duo (Zebastian Swartz and Oscar Widegren) as of yet, but we’re glad we came across their musical sensibilities. And of course they’re from Sweden, and they are part of that ‘kick-ass’ indie music tradition, we so dearly follow.

They ask in their presser: “Why is there no slacky, shoegazey guitar music being made anymore? What happened to that whatever-approach to life that ruled the 90’s? Why do people care so much about things?”

Word, guys. There should be more! We agree.

Oh, the song is in Swedish, by the way. And that in itself brings its own kind of charm (to any song or genre, TBH).

Anyway, look out for their antics, even more in the future.



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