Mute Choir ‘Shadowboxing’ : Pushed to and fro… compromises laid. How will you choose?

Mute Choir / Photo: Kate Dockeray Photography

Sam Arion founded Mute Choir as a response to an identity crisis. Joined with Milan Sarkadi and Iris Waters, the trio started their quest to satiate their thirst for experimentation. Shadowboxing is the second single from Mute Choir’s debut album Silent Conversations, due in February 2020.

The band stated: “This song was inspired by a point in life where I was starting anew and feeling the tremendous pressure of uncertainty. When the future is wide-open it can be easy to overthink your present decisions in the face of who you might become. You can never know for sure if life will turn out the way you hope; in following your gut instinct there is always a possibility for failure, and fear of failure can be overwhelming enough to drive you to the wrong kinds of compromises.”

Here we are.

Sam was born in Iran and raised in suburban Toronto. He escaped to the city at age 18 and haven’t looked back, while the band continues to rebel against the norms, and defining their footprint.

See them next @ Rum Runners, London Ontario on January 24th.


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