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Mwahaha Shares Rapturously Cogent Single ‘Sundown’. “Let it get under your skin. Let it burn.”

MWAHAHA’s single ‘Sundown’ is a dedication to a friend and comrade of many years and experiences. Member Cyrus Tilton had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2016. But in the winter of 2017, he lost that war with the disease and succumb to a tragic end. In Cyrus’ final weeks, he embraced his life as it’s been as added to the flavor of society by marching in the post-election women’s march in Oakland California, and subsequently retreating into a quiet mountain life with his wife. As the political climate of the U.S. turned into a phenomenon that hadn’t been witnessed for many decades, Cyrus recorded passages of guitar and sampler, of which became the foundation for Mwahaha’s new album, ‘Lovers’.

The new album is set to release September 6th.

In the single ‘Sundown’, a ghost of sorts haunts just under the skin of the song, as it slowly pulses throughout. The rhythms wrangle with thoughts and inklings, that pass by like leaves on a cold mountain stream. Knowing not, where it will end up, the sullen institution of living becomes, just that – a leave blown on a path of fortunes, at the whim of that cold and unhinging flow of energy and possibilities.

The pulsing synth loop, gravitates your emotions to a central premise. The shouts of impending dooms, laughed at by the innate strength of one, and all – grinding away at the core of ‘living’ and the ‘dead’s understated vision.

The kaleidoscope of blues, blacks, purples dance at your beckoning with ‘Sundown’. A lesson of sages, keep things in perspective, as the writhing guitar licks nail you down to the real you.

Let this single get under your skin. Let it simmer and burn for a while.

It’s a good thing.



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