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Mwahaha Shares ‘Watch It Fall’.

‘Watch It Fall’ is another single from the upcoming album. It’s Oakland’s MWAHAHA’s chaotically rapturous beauty of a single that captures a significant identification of the talents displayed from the band.

Soundscape, malign in toasts of anxiousness, collide dutifully on a sunny and anticipatory style of a day – a night – a certain mood of sanctity and of light.

The band’s mix of old school rock with the artful shearing of modern organic expressions in notes, construct examples of emotional rollercoasters. All are death defying in an existential way, glowing in shimmers, and never pretentious.

Their album ‘Lovers’ will drop September 6th via a self-release.

We think you should get into their cosmic pop, and enjoy it to the fullest.

The band consists of: Nathan Tilton, Cyrus Tilton, Ross Peacock, and James Murphy.



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