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My Dog Ate Chad Shares ‘Nintendo Flavored’. “Delightful sprinkles. Yum.”

Happy-go-lucky. That’s what you think about when listening to MY DOG ATE CHAD’s single ‘Nintendo Flavored’. The playful diary-entry of a song is blatantly and delightfully sprinkled with piano and guitars, framed in the positive outlooks of the chorus.

Although the song is about online-relationships, the sophistication and depth comes from each of the musicians in this band. With a mix of folk, rock, and bedroom-haze drizzles, ‘Nintendo Flavored’ keeps the more prevalent elements of pop-folk, in a modern and refreshing state of mind.

The Fort Collins, Colorado based band blends live activation, with zesty pronouncements in entertainment. Groovy lines, hooks, define the band, as their edges of musical limits keep expanding and evolving.

The band consists of: Nico Cutbirth – Guitar/Vocals, Jackson Smith – Drums/Vocals, Matan Birnbaum – Keys/Vocals, Ben Schaibly – Bass, and Goose Seifert.

They make music you can certainly dig.



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